Board Meeting: February 13, 2019

Minutes from inaugural meeting of DrupalNYC inc 2/13/19 9:00 am
Via Google Meeting: Scott Wolpow, Alex Ross, Kris Brandow, Ho Ling Poon, Shawn Duncan,Garvita Kapur

  1. Nominated and voted Scott Wolpow for Secretary: Vote was unanimous

  2. We established a meeting time

  3. Approved By laws 100% unanimous Shawn will send out PDF version and post for the


  4. Nominated and voted on board: Vote was unanimous

    1. Chair – Shawn Duncan

    2. Deputy Chair- Alex Ross

    3. Director – Garvita Kapur

    4. Director – Kris Brandow

    5. Director – Scott Wolpow

  5. Nominated and voted Ho Ling Poon Treasurer: Vote was unanimous

  6. Motion to open a bank account at Chase: Vote was unanimous

    1. Shawn and Ho Ling to meet and open account

  1. Motion made Shawn or Alex to reach out to owner of to transfer domain ownership.

    Vote was unanimous.

  2. We shall file with IRS as a 5013c

  3. Register to solicit contributions.

  4. File with NYS to be exempt from excise tax

  5. Discussed what makes a public charity and what we need to avoid.

  6. Reviewed and decided on a gift acceptance policy. Vote was unanimous. PDF to be posted.

  7. Discussed a support member program. We agreed this is a good idea. This will allow the

    community to show support with a non-voting membership in DrupalNYC We will further

    discuss this in Slack. No resolution.

  8. Seeking lead for Camps, will get job description from Joe Bachana

  9. Closed meeting 9:30