Board Meeting April 17, 2019

Via Google Meeting: Shawn, Scott, Gavita, Kris, Ho Ling

  1. Account opened at Chase, funds transferred Balance :$7,000* estimated
  2. Shawn started a google doc of expenses and Income re: Chart of accounts Ho Ling needs some help with keeping the books
  3. The IRS approved us, waiting on determination letter. This will give us G-suite for Nonprofits
  4. Terms. For teh first set of terms, we are breaking down the terms so we do not have a full turnover each year Gravita will serve 1 year, Scott will serve 2 , and Kris 3 year term
  5. Gravita – will seek out a person to work on Supporting Member campaign
  6. Scott and Kris to help recruit a Drupal camp lead. Joe to transfer knowledge to new persons
  7. The personwho owns the domain has not responded. Our options:
    1. Send a letter to the with Dries emails showing we are authoprized to use teh name and we are a non profit. The person has mentioned before he will turn over the domain to a sanctioned non profit.
    2. Have Dries act onthis as he has legal standing.
    3. Vistthe person in person
    4. File a comaplain with .nyc
    5. Take other legal action
  8. Next Board meeting is July 17th