March 2020 Meetup

  • "Installing 3rd Parties Libraries in Drupal 8 with Composer" by Darryle Steplight
  • "Automatic Updates for Drupal: How we built a secure signing infrastructure" by Neil Drumm
  • "The D8 Body Field: Embed All the Things!" by JD Leonard

February 2020 Meetup

  • "Building a website on a cheap shared server with Composer" by Walt Daniels
  • "Drupal 8 Migrations by Example" by Mauricio Dinarte
  • "A Drupal 8 Docker Walkthrough" by Darryle Steplight

July 2019 Meetup

  • Content systems architecture: approaches in a decoupled world by Dominic Laycock
  • Extending dependency injected core classes by Father Shawn

  • Drupal on Kubernetes: An Example by Jim Bartus & Jeremy Chase