Lightning Talk

"Building a website on a cheap shared server with Composer" by Walt Daniels


Presentation 1

"Drupal 8 Migrations by Example" by Mauricio Dinarte

The Migrate module is a feature-rich tool to move data into Drupal. Being so flexible and powerful, it comes with several abstractions which might be hard to understand at first.

The objective of this session is to provide an overview of the Migrate API and how different pieces interact with each other to get content into Drupal 8. Source, process, and destination plugins will be explained as part of the flow and transformation of data.

Examples include:
* Fetching data from CSV and JSON sources
* Populating address, date, and image fields
* Getting content into Paragraphs

We will examine how the Migrate module works and the thought process required to plan and perform migrations. Both site builders and developers can benefit from this talk.

Mauricio is a web developer at Agaric. He is passionate about Drupal, ReactJS, teaching, and traveling. In the last few years, he has presented 25+ sessions and full day trainings at events across America and Europe, including DrupalCon North America and WordCamp US.

He has worked on several Drupal migration projects. Last year, he wrote a blog post series consisting of 31 articles on the topic. It is available in English, Spanish, and French at

Mauricio is the lead organizer of the Nicaraguan Drupal community. He helps organize meetups, trainings, and DrupalCamps.


Presentation 2

"A Drupal 8 Docker Walkthrough" by Darryle Steplight

This talk will be for those who want to learn how to build a Drupal 8 local environment using Docker. This will lean more on the Docker side(understanding Dockerfile Docker-compose files) than the Drupal side. You will walk away knowing not only how to create your own local environment using Docker; but also how to customize it to fit your own personal needs.

Darryle is currently a Manager of Projects at Cognizant Technologies where he works on Drupal projects. He has helped organize various Drupal conferences and ran the Symfony NYC Meetup for two years. In his volunteer life, he has transitioned from being the immediate past IT Chair for the National Urban League Young Professionals to focusing on his non-profit called Young Tech Bosses, Inc., a nonprofit that trains youth from underserved communities how to be better tech bosses. In his free time, he studies Brazilian Portuguese and is learning how to play the guitar.

  • "Building a website on a cheap shared server with Composer" by Walt Daniels
  • "Drupal 8 Migrations by Example" by Mauricio Dinarte
  • "A Drupal 8 Docker Walkthrough" by Darryle Steplight