"Drupal meets AR (Augmented Reality)" by Vasil Grozdanoski

The goal of content management systems is to help website owners to create online products and websites with ease using new and advanced technologies. The combination of Augmented Reality and CMS is inevitable. This talk will describe AR-driven content with Drupal and how Drupal can be used as a platform to serve Augmented Reality applications.

Vasil is a Software Engineer with almost 10 years of experience in Full stack Drupal/Web development, Technical Project Management, and E-commerce. Currently, he provides services as a Consultant Technical Project Manager/Scrum Master. He is a Founder and Chairman of the Board at Drupal Macedonia and has organized several Drupal camps in Macedonia and across Europe. Vasil also has extensive experience in e-learning and adult education methodologies and has led training courses in Vocational Education. He holds a Master’s in Computer Science with a concentration in Software Engineering. Vasil’s interests include innovative technical solutions, audio, video production, and Augmented Reality.

"Drupal 8 Geofield Mapping Stack: from Basic to Advanced" by Italo Mairo

Italo will show us the most recently implemented features in the Geofield Mapping stack (Geofield and Geofield compatible/dependent modules) for the management of an advanced Web GIS (Geographic Information System) application in Drupal 8. Italo will be tweaking the web application in real-time, describing and integrating the most recent and advanced features, such as the dynamic representation of Points and Geometry Collections (Polylines and Polygons) and the custom definition (and use) of Geocode and Reverse Geocode Web Services. Audience interaction is encouraged! This talk is most suitable for intermediate and advanced site builders and developers, though also appropriate for anyone interested in geo-mapping or geo-tagging with Drupal 8.

Italo Mairo is a Senior Drupal developer and active contributor on Drupal.org (username: itamair). He has been living in New York City and working as Drupal Web Solutions Architect at the United Nations in the last 2 years. Italo is an expert in digital communication, with extensive experience as a developer, project manager, and consultant in the development of advanced open-source Web and Web 2.0 GIS advanced applications. He has been mentioned/listed among the 75 "Top Individual Contributors" on drupal.org (for 2018 - 2019) during the DrupalCon 2019 Seattle keynote.

  • "Drupal meets AR (Augmented Reality)" by Vasil Grozdanoski
  • "Drupal 8 Geofield Mapping Stack: from Basic to Advanced" by Italo Mairo