A shared value for community is what makes Drupal special, more than just some useful code.  We express this through priority in time and effort that we give to meeting in person. Our present circumstances dictate that we set aside this personal connection in favor of caring for each other. All the information available to us indicates that the best way that we can care for each other at this present time is by social distancing.

This doesn’t change our shared value of community.  In fact, in anxious times the gift of community is a valuable resource. We are therefore formulating plans to hold our April meetup online and will be back in touch with details soon.

In the meantime, if you are interested in attending the April 1 meeting virtually, please RSVP here. Note that you need to RSVP again even if you had previously RSVP’d so that we can collect your email address for the online meeting invitation.

Shawn Duncan, Chair
DrupalNYC Incorporated

and your DrupalNYC meetup organizers