DrupalNYC Slack

The DrupalNYC Slack is where our offline community lives online. Our Slack is the best place to ask for help, post job opportunities, organize events, and stay in touch with your fellow New York Drupalers.

If you haven’t used Slack before, don’t worry; it’s easy (and free)!

Join DrupalNYC Slack for the first time and you’ll automatically find yourself a member of the #community channel where you can post general questions and announcements.

Once you’re a member, you can log in to DrupalNYC Slack on the web or, preferably, log in using Slack's mobile and desktop apps so you can be notified of new posts.

To interact with other meetup attendees during and in between meetups, join the #meetup channel.

To discuss and receive announcements about DrupalCampNYC, join #camp-discuss.

If you want to post or learn about job opportunities, be sure to join the #jobpost channel and adjust your notifications to suit your preferences.

Assume that others only receive notifications if they are @ mentioned or if @here or @channel is used. It is polite to @ mention someone when you are seeking their attention or use @here to obtain the attention of everyone. Please don't use the more severe @channel.

You can send Slack messages at any time of day. Anyone who doesn’t want to be disturbed can configure their Slack notifications appropriately.

You can learn more about using Slack with Slack’s Getting Started Guide.

If you’re having trouble joining or using Slack, email feedback@drupalnyc.org and we’ll be happy to help.